M.A.S.S. Models F1

Ici, on poste des liens vers des sites proposant des modèles téléchargeables gratuitement
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M.A.S.S. Models F1

Messagepar henkie » mer. mars 15, 2017 7:33 pm

Hello friends, sorry but I cannot speak any french so I have to use my english to present our models to you. We are group of czech and slovak designers who are keen on formula 1 and touring cars models. Those models are for sale. I present you models that are already released and those that are in preparation.
You can find our models on facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/ModelyMASS/?fref=ts

If you find any models interesting write me an email: s4.pack@gmail.com


March 811: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/235061
ATS HGS1 : http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/235060
Tyrrell 011: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/235062
Shadow DN3/ 76: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/235063
Minardi MN1 : http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/239724
McLaren MP4-8: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/239725
Ensign N174/76: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/239726
March 821: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/253674
Brabham BT50T: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/253675
Jordan 199 : http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/256565
Tyrrell 011/81: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/257529
Fittipaldi F8D : http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/271900
ATS D4 1981: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/271901
Ensign N174/74: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/300429
Fittipaldi F8: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/300433
March 811: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/300430
Lotus 95T: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/300431
Shadow DN3/74-5: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/300432
Fittipaldi F8C: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/304847
Tyrrell 011/82: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/304849

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Re: M.A.S.S. Models F1

Messagepar henkie » mer. nov. 01, 2017 11:09 am

We ale release F1 models this autumn. First one is March 821 in green camouflage which had only been used in GP South Africa in 1982. Optional model is from GP USA West: http://www.mass-models.cz/march-821/
Second model is beautiful Ferrari 314T5 from 1980 f1 season. This model is much detailed, and looks just great when built: http://www.mass-models.cz/ferrari-312-t5/

Take care


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Re: M.A.S.S. Models F1

Messagepar Michel cerfvoliste » mer. nov. 01, 2017 11:15 am

De bien jolis modèles !
Bravo !
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Re: M.A.S.S. Models F1

Messagepar henkie » dim. nov. 12, 2017 5:40 pm

Merci Michel.

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